Artificial hanging baskets are a very simple, easy to do, yet effective way to add instant natural accent or floral charm to our home and garden, even to those featured commercial places.

Main Bespoke parts

  • Hanging baskets.

  • Artificial foliage branches.

  • Artificial flower bushes.

  • Artificial fruits bunches.

Wide application of artificial hanging baskets,

Artificial hanging basket can be used indoor or outdoor like in the home, garden,work place, street, sidewalks, light pole or restaurant, it brings warm and nice first focal point impression with the added benefit of no watering or deadheading, hanging baskets plants’ natural accent or floral charm will be there all the year round.

Types of SUNWING artificial hanging baskets,

Based on the main plants used for baskets design, we have the following three types,

  •  Artificial flower hanging baskets.
  • Artificial foliage hanging baskets.
  • Mixed artificial plants baskets. This kind of baskets include flowers, foliage, fruits and bunches.

For the plants used, large quantities are optional for hanging baskets design, we have artificial boxwood, artificial ivy, fern, hyacinth, lilies, roses, berries and fruits, greens, clematis and many other artificial plants covering four seasons, you can ask for a full catalog from SUNWING salesman.


Hot artificial hanging baskets,

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Whether you want a winter or summer inspired hanging basket for indoor or outdoor use, whether you do small business or need large quantity, SUNWING will give a satisfactory solution.