SUNWING Industries Ltd.,already a well-established name, is leading its prior way in the artificial hedges industry. With obvious advantages in variety and product innovation, SUNWING has already been a well-known name in the application of artificial hedges, artificial vertical garden as well as other artificial plants products in gardening and landscaping. Till now, our products include the following series,


Artificial boxwood series products

SUNWING artificial boxwood series products are accurately made based on botanical structure of living boxwood for easier and quicker landscape and gardening.

Based on artificial boxwood foliage, we have artificial boxwood hedges, artificial boxwood walls, boxwood topiary, boxwood trees, boxwood letters, cones, squares, heart-shape models, boxwood in planters, etc., wide choices are ready for your maket demand, and we are also developing new models.

Artificial boxwood series products are widely used in residential and commercial square to create a formal hedge, a matching border, or to balance an entryway, they can be used as the same role in building beautiful landscape and gardening.

artificial boxwood series products, boxwood topiary, boxwood wall, boxwood trees,