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SUNWING Industries Ltd.,already a well-established name, is leading its prior way in the artificial hedges industry. With obvious advantages in variety and product innovation, SUNWING has already been a well-known name in the application of artificial hedges, artificial vertical garden as well as other artificial plants products in gardening and landscaping. Now SUNWING artificial plants products are being used much more largely in different industries and geographic areas, and its client market has covered five continents in the globe.

To meet different clients group’s demand, we accept large quantity purchase, and we also have online shop for small purchase, along with the following benefits ready for SUNWING supporters,

  • Quality products. SUNWING artificial hedges, artificial vertical garden and other fake plants items have passed authoritative test in UV protection, color lasting, fire retardance.
  • Unmatched large selection. You will find nearly all hot artificial hedges, boxwood, topiary, ivy mat, plants for vertical garden in SUNWING company, even those that are out of our present diversity and range can be reached for you.
  • Incomparable pricing. We provide Factory direct price based on step-wise bidding protocol.
  • Peerless customer service. 24 hour online chat service is ready for various solution providing.

As one enterprise, profit is not the only goal we are seeking for, SUNWING is also very active in social careers like material collection activities for students, the disabled recruitment.

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Our People

We believe strength of a company is realized by the talents, ideas and experiences of people, so we attract diverse talent, build an inclusive workplace to drive competitive advantage, we also educate and engage our employees to help them reach their full potential.

Core value

  • Be devoted & professional;
  • Sharing & learning
  • Mutual support & common success

Common mission

Our common goal is providing the more durable, more long-lasting, and more realistic artificial hedges, boxwood, vertical garden, topiary in the market till we make it “perfect”.

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