Summer’s coming and it’s time to gather in your home garden for bathing in the sunshine or talking and laughing around the barbecue. But if you would like to create a better and more pleasant environment without exposure to neighborhood, why not give Sunwing eco-friendly artificial plants wall a try?– Provide privacy when you are immersed in joy.

Sunwing artificial plants covering

Recently, Sunwing has received several pictures of the garden fence from Jennie, a British client. What’s gratifying is that the originally monotonous fence has become a feast for the eyes after being decorated. Unexpected but reasonable!

Through simple installation steps, as she said, the fence board at one time changed into what she imagined. With this satisfying experience, she has recommended it to friends and neighbors. Sunwing offers not only the appropriate artificial vertical garden but also meticulous service for Jennie, meanwhile obtains accumulated potential customers from her, which is undoubtedly a win-win situation.

Why is popular among artificial plants outdoor?

Fine privacy-preserving

One of significant features of Sunwing best-selling artificial plants wall decor outdoor is good privacy protection– because the coverage rate is up to 98%, exceeding other artificial plant suppliers on the market, almost no gaps can be seen.

When you desire to bask in the sun comfortably in the garden, but worry your neighbors “peeping”, just let it go with the aid of artificial hedge screening.

*Optional fire-resistance & UV protection

When getting together with families and friends to have a happy barbecue, people tend to ignore safety. Without carefulness, a little spark can cause a fire, leading to inevitable loss. Well, in view of this, Sunwing can provide products with B-class fire protection. It is recommended that you pay attention to this when purchasing.

Under UV protection, artificial plants wall covering lasts for 3 years outside. Even though battered by the wind and rain or exposed to the blazing sun, it won’t fade during the warranty period. However, the more requirements, the higher expenses.

Sunwing provides satisfactory services besides the superior products. Profit is not the priority. Its ultimate goal is to add greenery to the dear earth without destroying the environment and bring welfare to society.

Hope to plant flowers and trees in the courtyard, but you are afraid of them withering and dying in winter? Please turn to Sunwing artificial hedges manufacturer through


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