Nowadays, the outdoor artificial green wall has become a prevalent trend, especially for playground décor. The following is a customer’s wonderful experience in Sunwing for his project in Malaysia. Let’s share with you!

Customer’s Requirements

Last year of 2nd, Feb, Steve Wang, a successful Chinese investor living in Malaysia got in touch with Sunwing staff. Without any doubt, he noted specifications of this project. First, it was outdoor not indoor artificial green wall, so the life expectancy needs to last at least over 3 years. Particularly, he emphasized that in terms of warranty of green walls, UV protection was the top priority in the whole project. Second, due to its unique application in playground, the overall size was up to 7,200 sqm. Meanwhile, the density and concealment of the artificial plant couldn’t be ignored either.

Bare wall before artificial green wall installation


For one thing, the customer didn’t refer to the specific type of the product. When Sunwing R&D department suggested single A001, Steve unexpectedly rejected because he wanted complex mix to catch people’s eyes. For another thing, UV protected artificial plant was actually challenging and with no specialized technology, time and test, outdoor artificial green wall could not work successfully.

Effective Solutions

In conformity with mutual trust and Steve’s expectations and considering time-consuming, Sunwing took actions to solve problems without any delay. In the light of design, Sunwing staff put some kinds of green hedges together to compare which mix was more suitable. At the same time, under several development, Sunwing added a substance to further improve the effect of UV protection.

Middle-term wall with artificial hedges

Results, Feedback and future plans

When submitting the proposal of A001, A018, A038 and A040 artificial green wall mix, Steve was sincerely to express his gratitude to Sunwing. As Steve said, outdoor artificial green wall looked so different and amazing that he hardly believed his eyes!

Finished wall of outdoor artificial green wall

He couldn’t help indicating he would continue to cooperate with Sunwing in the near future and that would recommend the brand to his friends. Of course, it was honor for Sunwing to serve and satisfy Steve and other customers.

Walking on the street, glancing over the walls, then can’t help saying “What beautiful scenery it is!” Would you like to apply it to your project? As a global professional artificial plant supplier, Sunwing provides not only indoor but also outdoor artificial hedges and walls based on various customers’ requirements. So far, Sunwing has served over 3,000 projects in 30 countries in the world. Along with customized design and excellent products and service, Sunwing enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad.

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