With the popularity of environmental awareness, more and more people start to get close to nature. Artificial hedge have been creative in accordance with the requirements of the times. After decades of development, artificial hedge panels has evolved from the original concept into a mature product. While, there are some
unqualified products at a low price also appear on the market.

Hereby I share some point that can help you to identity the quality of artificial.


Good quality artificial hedge panels will show a complete and clear appearance, which is not have small holes and burr in the leaves. And the whole lot of panels has uniform color.

sunwing artificial hedges panels


When you touch good quality by hand, it will give you a smooth feeling. On the other hands, Grainy and rough represents that this is a low quality hedge panels.

boxwood hedges panels


Regularly produced goods will only have a normal taste and will not have a pungent taste. Because high quality hedge panels’ material is 100% new fresh PE without any recycled PE.

boxwood hedges panels


Most of the products are used outdoors and will be exposed to the sun. High fake hedge panels can provide 3-5 year, even 8 years outdoor warranty.

artificial hedges panles

Source from: https://www.plantsartificial.com/how-to-tell-the-quality-of-the-artificial-hedges/

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