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In all of our customer base, there is a class of customers with a preference for artificial leaves, those are landscape designers. Although many of our artificial products are designed to be full of design, it cannot meet the needs of some customers for creativity. So products like artificial leaves which is convenient for DIY have become their first choice.

Abundant Items Offer a Wealth of Choice

Color, shape, and size are issues that designers often have to consider when creating. Our artificial leaves give you no such concerns at all because rich items offer a lot of colors, shapes, and sizes of leaves. Rich choices broaden their ideas when designing, collisions of creations can bring more good works to meet different requirements.

Have a Bright Color for a Long Time

In addition to considerin the price and items, whether it is easy to care is another important factor when customers decide to choose artificial plants for decoration. Most of our artificial leaves products use brand new PE materials, which guarantees that the finished works can keep bright colors throughout the year. Take our premium green walls panel as an example, this series of products are all composed of iron mesh and artificial leaves, which are combined with a cable tie. Even if these products receive long-term outdoor sunlight, they can retain the original color well.

Rich Design Ideas and Types

In addition to the premium green walls panel mentioned above, there are many other uses for our artificial leaves. Some customers are not satisfied with those single artificial fences, so they use artificial leaves as embellishments. These items have a high usage rate in artificial hanging baskets production, with the cooperation of artificial flowers, they are really beautiful.


We believe creative landscape designers will bring you more novel designs with all these artificial plants.


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