SUNWING Industries, which is one of the best artificial plants distributer was established in 2001. 18 years ago, we began to engage in artificial plants as a small company,

We are committed to providing a high-quality product to meet the needs of customers.

Though the development of years, we has now grown into a global corporation with 3 domestic manufacturing facilities, and sell products over 50 countries around the world.

All our artificial plants are anti-UV.

What is anti-UV?

The sun supports life on our planet, but its life-giving rays also pose dangers. The sun’s primary danger is in the form of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Most people are aware of how harmful UV radiation is to the skin. However, many people may not realize that UV radiation can harm the artificial plants. If the product is not UV resistant, it can’t be used for a longer time under sun exposure.

We noticed that low-quality products do not guarantee the benefits of customers. All artificial hedges made with anti-UV technology which can provide 3 years outdoor and 5 years indoor warranty.

Customer satisfaction has always been Sunwing’s pursuit.Sunwing is not only providing high-quality products but also create various designs for our customers.In the past, artificial plants are simply applied to exterior walls and decorations. Nowadays, artificial plants can be topiary, fence, Privacy wall, etc. Customer demand is the driving force for us.

We warmly welcome distributors from all the world to develop the business together!


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