Artificial plants are recognized and accepted by more and more people, and this industry is becoming increasing popular. Halfway through 2019, we made a rough statistics on product sales in the first half of the year. Based on these data, we have sorted out some popular categories. Newcomers who have just entered the line can refer to it.

Artificial Hanging Baskets

As a model of many designs, I have to mention artificial hanging baskets. Baskets, foliage and artificial flowers are all available for selection. You can make the most of your imagination and creativity to get your own unique artificial plants arrangements. We use colorful crepe as the main material for fake flowers and fresh PE for other foliage, to show as much as possible the variety of artificial plants in China.

Matching with these items are the chains we prepared. The chain is detachable and easy to install. This item is harmonious with the environment whether you want to hang it or put it on a shelf. These artificial flowers and leaves won’t fade within two years without direct sunlight.

Artificial Hanging Plants

If you want to find multipurpose artificial plants for wholesale, you can take artificial hanging plants in consideration. As a perfect supporting role, these items can be decorated with any corner. The natural green is very helpful for protecting the eyesight, and the long branches can change shape according to personal preference. When the breeze blows, you can enjoy a wonderful afternoon with them.

Artificial Leaves

If you like simple products but with a wide variety, artificial leaves are the best choices. Both colors and types can meet your different requirements. We use fabric or PE material according to the shapes and sizes of these leaves, and guarantee that these artificial plants arrangements won’t fade within at least one year.

The best match is between artificial leaves and the vase, the comfortable beauty gathered in a small vase and let the little space come vivid, such as dining table, coffee table and dressing table.

Artificial Potted Plants

For those who are interested in potted plants but have no time to taking care, artificial potted plant is the best choice. No matter from size, shape or color, this kind of artificial plants arrangements have no difference from real plants. Not only that, these wholesale artificial plants keep bright colors throughout the whole year when used indoors. This is the most convenient product for workaholics.

In general, artificial plants development is getting better and better, so you can find more suppliers in China. I hope that the above recommendations will allow you to consider when selecting products and suppliers.

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