With the development and progress of society, people’s aesthetic is constantly improving, and the requirements for decoration are also constantly changing. Forest style has become the hottest decorative style in the past 3 years, and it will also be the hottest style in the next 5 or even 10 years. Among them, the artificial plant wall is widely used to decorate the backdrop wall of various places because of its highly lifelike, no maintenance, long storage time and so on.

Flame Retardant Artificial Plants Mixed Into Artificial Green Wall Backdrop

In recent years, fire incidents occur frequently all over the world, which is too heartbreaking. People began to pay attention to fire resistant backdrops. Ordinary indoor artificial green wall can not meet the needs of the fire level. The flame retardant artificial plants are mixed in the artificial green wall backdrop, which solve the problem of indoor backdrop wall fire protection perfectly.


Why is flame retardant artificial plants?

  • Highly lifelike

The artificial plants are highly lifelike. With the development of science and technology, the artistic level of producing life-like replicas of all kinds of natural plants is amazing. They look no different from real natural plants. The most important thing is that when you use artificial plants, you can stay away from bugs, insects and pests. That’s great!

  • No maintenance & long storage time

The natural plants need plenty of light for photosynthesis to maintain growth, so they are not suitable for use in wet and dark environments. And it needs to be taken care of every day. The cost of hiring a gardener is very high. Because artificial plants are man-made, they are not affected by humidity, temperature, weather and so on. And there is no need for horticulturists to maintain, only occasionally need to clean up the dust. This is very simple and easy to operate. Therefore, the time cost and cost can be greatly reduced. We can use this time to do more meaningful things. Our production technology can guarantee the service life of artificial plants for 5 years.

  • Fireproof

The frequent occurrence of fires has torn too many families apart because we have to pay attention to fire prevention. Especially indoor fire safety. Because in the event of a fire, the escape of indoor personnel will become particularly difficult.

These high-quality custom hedges and plants manufactured by the Intrinsic Flame Retardant (IFR) process impregnate the protective chemicals into the resin during manufacture. This injection process ensures that protection is integrated throughout the product (as opposed to a spray or impregnation process) and is neither easy to wash nor easy to wear. There is another fire prevention technology on the market. By selective surface spraying or impregnation. Here, the artificial plants are coated with a thin layer of fire-resistant material, but this is a very short application that is sure to be washed away and dissipated eventually.

SUNWING’s flame retardant artificial plants use the first flame retardant technology.
Our flame retardant artificial plants have a flame retardant grade of class B and are certified by SGS with certificates and reach the fire safety level. They can make it safe for you to do anything indoors. Therefore, users can use SUNWING’s flame retardant artificial plants green walls to decorate all kinds of indoor places without concern.


  • Widely used

As long as you can think of the decoration you need, artificial plants can be used for decoration. Whether you are decorating large corporate offices, reception areas, hotel lobbies, hospitals, shopping malls, theme parks, bars, cafes, airports, museums, schools, municipal buildings,rooms, etc., artificial vertical garden plants are one of the best choices for you. They can even brighten the light and expand the space. This is important if you want to decorate a basement office floor, a spa, or a windowless office. Not affected by site, weather, temperature, etc. Artificial plants walls will make these places one of the best landscapes. It is no exaggeration to say that artificial vertical garden plants are the most perfect and cost-effective decorative materials.

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