Foliage is always popular in both interior and exterior decoration. Plants-decorated room pictures can easily get many likes on IG. But not every one can stand all the haste and hustle before the blooming moment. It is costly too.

Artificial foliage be a reliable alternative. DIY your artificial vertical garden and You can have a natural wonderland in no time.

artificial vertical garden

Versatile Application

Artificial vertical gardens can be installed anywhere to complete your landscaping design. Having a foliage wall is always eye-catching. Blossoms and buds, the lush green leaves, and sweet vines delight all the guests they walk in the room. Artificial vertical gardens won’t let you down for both residential and commercial sectors. Thanks to UV-rated technique, you can create an outdoor artificial garden wall on your exterior wall and make a stunning privacy screen fences as well.

The artificial foliage wall can come in planters, too. That means it does not only save you space but also makes it easy to change the design.

Cozy Atmosphere

Artificial vertical gardens are always pleasing to eyes. The soothing effect can immediately restore your nerves. That will create a tranquil and serene atmosphere in a psychological way.

The PE material can serve as a heat insulator, i.e., the faux foliage wall make the room cooler in the summer while making it a little bit warmer in winter.

Moreover, it is also noise absorbent! You can use it as a divider to section off the reception area from the office rooms. Thus workers won’t be disturbed whenever there’s an unexpected visitor.

Maintenance Free

Live plants take time and efforts to grow. Taking care of vertical gardens can a very formidable task. Just think about a vertical drainage system. But with an artificial vertical garden you don’t need to worry about all those upkeep efforts. You don’t have to clean up the fallen leaves, manage the indoor temperature, move plants here and there for the optimal sunlight, etc. They are and will always be gorgeous.

Safety Guarantee

People may worry about the fire spreading risk. A short circuit may cause outlets to sparkle and even ignite a fire. But fire-rated artificial foliage won’t be afraid of fire. We have international fire-rating. Our products have been tested for many times.

Health Benefits

It’s true that artificial plants are unable to release oxygen or clean indoor air but a bunch of research works show that simply looking at green plants can be beneficial to your health.

  • relax your eyes.
  • calm your nerves
  • refresh your spirit

Although artificial foliage cannot produce oxygen gas, they don’t produce any toxic gases either. They are totally toxin free.

Moreover, there is no scent or pollen in artificial leaves. To some extent, they are a better companion for people with allergies and pets.

Create an artificial vertical garden, a natural wonderland is just at your fingertip.

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