What is preserved moss?

The preserved moss is 100% natural but no longer alive. It is the result of a unique chemical process and reused as a medium for decoration. Its aspect, freshness and scent will be preserved for many years, with no need of soil, water or sunlight.

How long can preserved moss last?

To preserve the moss, natural sap is replaced by a chemical solution that maintains it in perfect condition for a really long time. Therefore, the preserved moss will not grow, but retains its freshness and soft touch.

It’s hard to talk about its precise lifespan, because natural things always tend to be influenced by the environment. However, it is possible to state that, under normal use conditions, our preserved moss can remain beautiful for at least 5 years.

Are there any conditions of use?

The maintenance that living plants need don’t apply to the preserved moss any more, but there are still several factors you need to pay attention to.

  • Indoor use only
  • Avoid touchingit from time to time
  • Avoid long exposure to sunlight
  • Do not put it too close to a heat source
  • Recommended humidity: below 70%

What Is the Difference Between Preserved Moss and Dried Moss?

Dried moss is at the dormant state and when rehydrated, it will return to life and start growing again. The drawback of dried moss is that as time goes by, it will lose its green and freshness.

On the contrary, preserved moss is no longer alive but its beauty can last for many years, which can satisfy the demand of adornment more.

Are there any functions of Preserved Moss?

  • Sound absorption

Reindeer Moss is so good at absorbing sound it can absorb up to twice as much as the industry average for products of same size and thickness.

  • Air purification

Although moss is lifeless, it is still a natural product that absorbs moisture. Particles are removed from the air through a continuous cycle of absorption and release of surrounding moisture.

  • Humidity indication

Preserved moss sheet can react to the humidity of air. For example, when the relative humidity falls below 40%, the preserved moss tends to dry and returns soft again above 40%.

  • Aestheticappeal

This is a product that looks and feels amazing. The moss panels are not just green. It is available in many colors such as red, orange, blue, which will fully satisfy your bold creation. You can use them to create green walls, colourful installations, or subtle backdrops.

In addition to moss panels, we also make preserved moss  into moss frame, which is more suitable for home decoration.

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