Logo is a good way to let consumers remember the company culture. In a competitive market, providing a clear image of the market allows consumers to remember your brand in the fastest time. With the progress of ideology, the concept of nature began to become the focus of our attention, so many business owners combine green with brand. Plant wall logo is a product of this combination.


The plant wall logo is different from the traditional one in the past. In large shopping malls, many high-end brands will choose the plant wall logo to show their unique brand image. In the stream of people, this unique display is easier for consumers to remember the brand. In addition, the logo on the plant wall also can well reflects the concept of natural health.

By combining the logo with the plant wall, the business can create a brand new perception in the consumers’ impression. It is that products are non-toxic and customers can use it safely.This novel approach is widely used in luxury and high-end goods. One of China’s new energy vehicle brands chooses the way of plant logo and indoor vertical greening to show its brand’s environmental protection concept. It seems to be a better way to convince consumers.


SUNWING is committed to produce eco-friendly artificial plant wall, vertical garden, and so on. Regardless of independent research and development, design and production, sales and installation, we all work so hard that make us lead the industry. We will be full of enthusiasm, continuous innovation and first-class quality to create our green kingdom step by step.

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