Because of fierce competition in the catering industry, some people want to rebuild their restaurants in some special themes, such as the forest theme. Some of our customers are just interested in upgarding their restaurant with our artificial vertical gardens and other products, so they raise some questions.

How Artificial Plants Become Harmonious with Restaurants?

  1. Our artificial plants are all with a lifelike appearance, and can make you feel close to the nature.
  2. Compared with normal decorations, these artificial hedges have natural colors, which create a vigorous environment for consumers and give them a great dining experience.
  3. Some people want a separate space to chat with their friends, that is what artificial hedges in planter can do. Our artificial hedges in planter can divide the room into several parts perfectly, so that customers don’t need to eat face-to-face with other diners.

The Safety of Artificial Plants in Restaurants

  1. We use fresh PE materials and add UV to our products to ensure that our products can withstand high and low temperatures in various countries with different climates, and last 3-5 years.
  2. Fireproof materials have already been added to artificial plants, so you don’need to worry about that artificial products become the reason of the fire.

Why you choose artificial vertical garden not real plants?

  1. Considering about the cost, artificial plants are obviously cheaper than real plants, not only the price, but also the maintenance fee.
  2. Because of its long quality guarantee period, you don’t need to change the decorations for wilt
  3. You can choose any artificial plants without consideration of climate and seasons, vertical garden DIY becomes possible for those restaurants.

Which Kind of Artificial Products can be Used?

  1. Artificial hedges or artificial boxwood: Making the wall become colorful.

  1. Artificial balls: You can hang them on the wall to let your restaurants confused with errors and omission.

  1. Artificial hedges in planter or artificial vertical garden: They can be used to divide the room into several areas.

  1. Artificial flowers and foliage sprays may become an ornament on the dining table.

Summarize all the issues that can be considered when our customers begin to upgrade their restaurants, artificial vertical garden is necessary  to create a forest theme. If you want more information, our team can recommend other products.

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