Because of easy installation and protection,with high simulation features, more and more people choose artificial fence screening as a spatial isolation barrier, designed for outdoor privacy protection. Outdoor privacy fence can not only protect the privacy better, it may bring the greening effect to the surrounding environment, make people feel relaxed and happy, also can be used to prevent foreign matter. (cat and dog) into the yard, it has a very powerful effect.Here I would like to share some garden privacy ideas and outdoor privacy ideas for your reference.

Artificial Fence Screening-Privacy Fence Designs.png

Artificial Fence Screening-Privacy Fence Designs.png

A yard or patio is the perfect spot for enjoying the outdoors, whether that means playtime with your kids or quiet relaxation after a long day. And while you may like your neighbors, you may not want to see and hear them every time you venture into your backyard. Here are some privacy fence ideas for backyard:

Artificial Fence Screening- Balcony Fence Designs.png

Artificial Fence Screening- Balcony Fence Designs


Above pictures are using artificial hedges ,as you see,it looks simple,green.If you like this style,then you can choose them as one of garden privacy ideas.

This picture looks like 3D type, compare with before privacy fence ideas for backyard, it has more elements, not only the artificial hedge, but also some bunches for ornament. there has a place surrounded by artificial plants,it is a good privacy fence design idea.


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