Artificial ivy fence could be used anywhere you need it, the leaves are normally made of new fresh PE, and except fence roll series, this kinds of ivy hedge are made of high quality fabric, normally used for fence covering , fence greenery, garden border.

Please kindly find our solution shown as below for garden border fence landscapes, this is ivy fence roll. The leaves are imitated from the real leaves in the nature, ivy is very common around our life, the foliage climbing on the wall, the rattan is attached in the structure. But they are always no shapes, and growing anywhere, so we made this artificial ivy fence, the leaves seems very similar, as well as the color, now except used as fence greenery, but also used as protective screen.


There are many advantages of artificial ivy fence, as a gardener, and privacy protector.

  • Artificial ivy can be installed very easily–they are all snap-lock system, and the normal size is 50x50cm,100x100cm, 100x300cm. This kind of model are normally 100x300cm per roll. The backing is plastic mesh.


  • Artificial ivy can survive any weather conditions–this feature is very different from real plants.
  • Artificial ivy requires no water, and is not damaged by water
  • No trimming,weeding, or ongoing maintenance
  • Does bot attract bugs and pests–I am sure anyone if he ever grow plants, he will absolutely annoyed by bugs and pests, so artificial ivy fence roll could help you avoid this trouble.



Some other hot artificial ivy leaf fence panels,

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