Our artificial Ivy Hedge comes on a roll is very quick and easy to install. They are made of UV protected material, which can resist sunlight for 6000 hours, they can be used as garden screening, privacy screen, and outside wall covering.

1) To create an instant and realistic ivy hedge screen at your balcony, those ivy hedge are more Three-dimensional, even seems like the real ivy plants, there are three angle of the ivy hedge, and two layers, with different color, the first layer is light green, the second layer is dark green, install with snap-lock system, they can be matched with different size of your real site.


2) As a outdoor privacy screen, artificial ivy screen can be a great choice, they are more opaque, because of the structure of ivy leaves, so they can be used as a wall to protect your privacy, ivy plant in the nature is also always keep green , whatever is spring or winter, that’s why ivy hedges are always popular too around the world.

Artificial hedge ivy leaf screening.jpg

3)The artificial ivy hedge can be easily cut to any required length, height or shape. Ideal to cover unsightly walls, old fences, railings etc and if you want both sides to be covered then you would need a separate section for each, as from the back you only see the backing mesh and the back of the leaves.



Hot artificial ivy leaf hedges that are on top selling,


To get full catalog of artificial ivy leaf screening, just leave comment here or send email to sales@leaveshedges.com .

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