Artificial box hedging is one popular artificial decorative plants products which can be used for indoor or outdoor decoration, it can add instant nature appeal and convenience to any home, business or commercial space.

For both home decoration, artificial box hedging can set up instant green wall in the patio, roof, deck, etc., for privacy screen. It can also be used for area divider in the yard or garden to prevent peeping or external disturbance.

artificial hedges outdoor artificial plants

For business or commercial space. Artificial box hedging is commonly used for event backdrops, area divider and privacy screen, it is also used to design maze, area dividers, and special landscapes.

artificial boxwood hedges in planter

Artificial boxwood hedges for area dividers

Nowadays, artificial box hedging for window box is very hot, not only residential family units but also commercial areas can be found artificial boxwood hedge for window box. Artificial boxwood hedge for window box looks nice in appearance, and harmonious with its surroundings. In addition, its zero upkeep is also very favored by large popularity.

artificial box hedging for window box

artificial box hedging for window box

As a artificial hedge plants factory, we customize various artificial box hedging that are differentiate in colors and foliage type with free size and design.
Optional color. Artificial box hedging with all kinds of colors can be realized in our factory,


Optional foliage type. We have many kinds of foliage types for you to choose, from commonly seen foliage like boxwood foliage, ivy leaf, fern, lemon leaf, cypress leaf, bamboo leaf, etc., we can make it as long as you can offer the leaf.artificial-box-hedgeing--foliage-type-small

If you are in the market that asking for those artificial box hedging, just feel free to browse our website about artificial boxwood and privacy hedges in a variety of sizes, material and foliage, or call us to discuss custom specifications for your unique project.

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