For Terrible Graffiti, artificial plants hedges provide a nice, easy and instant solution; artificial green walls is an innovative solution to prevent and cover graffiti and tagging on the wall.

When people talk about graffiti, some consider it street art while some consider it vandalism. Good works, of course, should be respected. But graffiti here, I mean, refer to those terrible meaningless scratches on public walls, some kind of property destruction.

Look at the following pictures.

graffiti on the wall.png

Graffiti lovers always feel excited to look for a clean empty wall to start their drawing. They use terrible even bloody colors, unpleasant words to their own satisfaction. Then they just go away, leaving the wall wearing her ugly scars alone.


As we know, public influence on psychosocial development of children is profound. Thus, it is important to prevent child’s exposure to unhealthy contents like violence, sex and etc. To combat graffiti, city officials regard artificial hedges as the best solution. Artificial hedges or green walls are perfect to cover unsightly things considering their life-like greenery and fade-resistant beauty. Unaffected by nature, they need no water; their leaves won’t fall off; they won’t overgrow. That is to say, they need no care and require no maintenance. Thus they can achieve the balance of aesthetics and practicality.


After installing artificial green walls, city officials find the result quite impressive. They do cover the ugly graffiti and prevent graffiti lovers from drawing on the wall. Meanwhile, they add appeal to the street look and elevating the street image.

Seeing the green wall, I believe, graffiti lovers can feel calm and less stressed and do not have the heart to cause destruction.

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