Vertical garden brings nature wonder to building, fresh color and creative design makes the whole space full of life and vigor.

A kitchen is a room or part of a room used for cooking and food preparation in a private house or in a commercial establishment. As we know, the basic functional zones of a kitchen will be difficult to change or remove as soon as its main structure has been completed. So to make kitchen more pleasing or have a new style, extra decoration or dress-up will be necessary. SUNWING artificial vertical garden are the rage at the moment for interior design that brings instant nature beauty to indoor space, it also works well for kitchen improvement. Artificial vertical garden with its fresh color and unique design brings instant inviting personality to kitchen, and the green wall will be the feature statement for the kitchen of family home.

What is more, artificial vertical garden is also a very low maintenance solution for busy households. It is comprised of various super realistic nice artificial plants that need no maintenance like watering, prunning, fertilizing that living wall asks, it is very easy to install and keep its condition.

SUNWING provides various artificial plants for nice vertical garden and green walls, if you are insterested in suchlike design style, just feel free to contact us for further information or free sample.

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